Life in a second

Well hello there 👋 look where life has taken us! Actually thinking about it, life is pretty funny, isn’t it? One minute your world looks like it’s working, nek minute, it’s all crumbling down. Yesterday I was wondering what the heck I was doing with my life, today I feel like I’ve got my shit together, and honestly, I can’t even predict tomorrow. How will it be?

Surprise surprise!! life ALWAYS has a BIG damn question mark at the end of it, doesn’t it?  But then seriously, I know this sounds crazy, even more crazy that I’m saying or practically writing this as my first blog post. Why is life so mysterious? I don’t like surprises!! Just give me my damn life book already!

Uni Adelaide

Spring on its way

Well any who! btw, that’s just a slang I picked up from my little sister. ‘Any who’, I guess it’s just a new shortcut for saying ‘ok, let’s move on to the next topic’. Back to the story, never attended Harvard, so I definitely wouldn’t understand life’s philosophy! But what I do know, is that life at the same time is extremely fascinating! It’s sad that our time on this earth is so limited for us to experience, explore, and just simply admire the beauty around us. Like can we extend the human life to two-hundred years minimum please?

Only if! Now I’m not going to start talking extra about life, because deep inside we all have an appreciation for it and the way it reveals its nature to us through our everyday living. However, from the bottom of my heart I do want to welcome you to my blog, Alaeflè. As a matter of fact, blogging has always been on my bucket list for some years now, and finally here I am [ahhhhh].

To find out more about Alaeflè or myself, simply click here About’ .

Hope you have a nice read!

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