A taste of Brisbane & the Gold Coast

Hello, Salam or in our very own Aussie dialect, G’day! Welcome back to another session of reading, where we’ll be exploring one of Australia’s most beautiful city, Brisbane!! Hop along and discover this magnificent city and also the Gold Coast …. Excuse the way I’m saying this, sometimes I feel like I’m running my own podcast show or something and I forget that I’m actually writing a blog entry. This actually rings a bell…. I should consider starting a podcast show? What do you say?

Brisbane city

A view of the city from the ferry

Anyways, back to topic… back in September this year, my friend Farzana and I took some time off our very busy life (sleep, eat… repeat kind of life) to go up to Queensland for some fresh air.

oh hey there!

Before the storm selfie

Now don’t be mistaken, Adelaide has some amazing fresh air, just can’t match that of Brisbane’s…. Okay fine… I admit, Brisbane is indeed a natural beauty!

Somewhere along the River

Somewhere in Kangaroo point area

Three visits to this awesome city, never once have I been let down (knock on the wood). To be more honest, there’s plenty of things to see & do and not much time to do those stuff. Ugh!


Back from the meeting, kidding

Tracing back to eleven years ago (2007), when we first came here with two other families for about a week or two. All I remember was some volleyball tournament and constantly going to peoples house for lunch and dinner (Afghan things). Gold Coast was EPIC, I mean obviously, three full days at the theme parks… has to be a dream come true for a ten-year-old right? Besides the fact that my little sister and I almost drowned by the beach, everything else was quite lit! especially that Yiro’s looking sandwich from Ali Baba. It’s sad I can’t find them anymore.

Gold Coast

A group of fashionista’s | Where else would you find a better bunch of penguins

So I don’t ramble on anymore, here I present you Brisbane and the Gold Coast! the city of love as someone mentioned in one of Instagram posts. Not sure about that kind of love (you know what I mean), but I can safely say I’m always in love with this city whenever I’m over.

A swirly looking river | The city life

Night View

The city view from our apartment

It’s like the city operates in between this lengthy swirly looking river.

Major events throughout the year, such as the New Years, Annual River-Fire etc all happen at the river. Along both sides of the river you’ll find a variety of places to visit (South bank, Botanic Garden…) different things to do, see and eat! You’ll also find ferry stations, which works as one of the main transport systems in the city.

Transport | A variety but too expensive

Ok! First of all my fellow Brissy’s, how do you guys survive with such expensive transport? Seriously who pays $18 for a one way train ride? That’s a complete rip off man! Okay fine, that’s just from the airport to the city, which if you are going to pay this much, might as well Uber it right? But like train fares $8, Ferry fares $5-$10 (even just to cross the river to the other side). Honestly if I had to live in such circumstances daily, I’d be on the streets already. No joke! I’m guessing Uber must be doing great in Brisbane. At least way better than Adelaide, because our fares are very cheap. Literally between $1.79 – $4.80  for two hours, eligible for all types of transport. Nonetheless, at least walking and biking in such a beautiful place is an option. Which takes me to the next point, the people in Brisbane are way too active.

The water life | Why are people here so active?


Great Kayak session with these lovely bunch

Walking, biking, kayaking, canoeing, strolling, literally just buzzing everywhere is way too normal in Brisbane. You know what I’d call it! A place where people seem to be out and about every day, doing something. The atmosphere is kind of very lively and enjoyable if you get what I mean.

People | One big thumbs up


Inspired to colour my cats tail now

Kid you not, the people here are so bloody nice. If there was a better word for me to describe them, I would. But there isn’t, so nice will do! I literally mean that. The man by the ferry, the lady at the station, the boy down alley, the waitress at the café, the super cool kayak instructor, our Uber driver, the charsi (addict) looking man over the bridge (who offered to take photos of us – we don’t even judge) and let’s not forget the Asian lad in the Art Gallery with his funny sense of humour. I can go on and on and it won’t be enough. Way too nice, kind and cool. Love it!

Food | One reason why I would live here

Apart from the people, there’s one more thing I love about Brisbane, food. I mean you’d obviously expect me to say this, especially when you know I’m kind of a BIG food junkie. Good bless a place where you can easily find cuisines from all around the world and they actually taste good. Here are some of the places I highly recommend if you ever visit Brisbane:

The Gold Coast | The Australian Paradise


The beach life

Truly a paradise until the weather shits itself up. Which is exactly what happened when we were there. Apart from this trip, Gold Coast has been super duper amazing in my past visits to this one amazing place. If you’re ever here, make sure you check out the theme parks (Dream World, Water World, Movie World, Wet & wild etc..). Take a stroll down Surfers Paradise or even Broadbeach. Check out the Pacific Fair shopping center or any other local shops for some goodies to take back with you. Climb the bridge, check out the Gold Coast view via the tallest building (Q1) in Australia, enjoy a ton load of water activities. Take a day off and visit surrounding national parks. Also, make sure you look out for the lizards, not to scare you, but there’ll be some around (agh!).

Sunny, rain, storm, lightning all in a day | Beat that

We’re all familiar with Australia’s bi-polar weather, but this was some next level thing. Let’s just say that it’s always a good idea to keep a shirt and a jacket in your bag or at the back of your car or somewhere handy. The last thing you’d want to do is wear something that seems appropriate for a Brisbane weather, next minute you find yourself in Gold Coast, sweating like there’s no tomorrow in your stuffy hoodie. Then you spent another thirty minutes looking for a cool shirt that’ll calm the heat down, only to be drenched by the rain/storm an hour later. To which by the end of the day you look nothing less than a  half-rotten drenched homeless potato. No exaggeration to what so ever! And now that you’re activities have been canceled thanks to the lightning, you decide, you know what “We’re better off in Brisbane”. So off we go back!

Annual River Fire | Sparks, entertainment but a hell lot of smoke too

For a second, imagine two lovely drenched tourists, strolling down the streets of Brisbane into the crowd with their luggage and almost dead phones (mind you, both directionless). Now imagine a crowd of over….. thousands of people gathered in one place to watch the annual River-Fire… what a lovely scene! That Firework was definitely epic, the crowd was more epic, by the end of it all, the smokes were making headlines. But worth it all!

Where to stay & some useful tips

  • Stay in the city my friends, get an apartment with a nice view. It’ll save you money, transport fare and time! Because you’re almost always in the city.
  • Book all activities prior to your visit, it usually runs out of place quickly
  • Hire a car! For flexibility
  • Make use of Uber and Uber Eats #notsponsored
  • Talk to strangers, they’ll make your day
  • If you’re a shopper, don’t shop too much (it’s a waste of time)
  • Ask for help, seriously don’t be a ‘know it all’ or ‘we’ll find it dw kind of person’
  • Face your fears, do that skywalk, look down that tall building, dive the waters, ride that bike thingy because your feet are sore, do it all! (note to self.)
  • Be spontaneous, do crazy shit, I mean don’t lose yourself, but live life while you’re still young and capable

And that wraps it up for Brisbane & the Gold Coast. Hope you’ve had a pleasant read. If you have any question, feel free to leave a message below. In the meantime, I wish you all a lovely day, and the best of luck for those of us surviving through the last few days/weeks of Uni. We got this!

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