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Welcome to my blog Alaeflè. I’m Madina Jaffari, an Afghan Australian based blogger/writer. I currently study a bachelor of Law & Journalism here in Adelaide. Besides being a Uni student, I do enjoy writing from time to time! So here I present you Alaeflè! An insight into my little corner of the world.

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What is Alaeflè?

I created Alaeflè in October 2017 as part of my Journalism degree. It has definitely been a thrilling experience since. Alaeflè has no literal meaning. However does consist of one of my favourite words ‘Alaef’, the first alphabet of the Persian/Dari language. Rather than choosing a name that already had a meaning, I wanted to create a new & fresh name for my blog that would ultimately define itself through its content.


I could probably sum this up in one short sentence

“To re-discover my colourful nation Afghanistan from the black & white shades of the media”

As we’re all aware, Afghanistan has been experiencing ongoing internal & external war for the past couple of decades. It breaks my heart to see how brutal my nation & people are being portrayed in the media. For sure, war is the undeniable truth of Afghanistan, but it’s not its whole reality, there is so much more to this war-torn country than what we’ve seen. One of my biggest aim is to write about those forgotten aspects of Afghanistan that are never talked about in midst of all the chaos & war.

And of course, I’ll be sharing all the other stuff in between, my life as an Afghan Australian as well as some light hearted talks, thoughts & poetry here and there.

Before I go blabbing on,  a big thank you to all of you amazing people out there still supporting me on this journey! If you have any question, feel free to leave a message. Would love to hear from you!

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