The six blue lakes | Afghanistan’s national treasure

Band e Amir

View of Band-e-Amir lake from the cliff

The six blue lakes, otherwise famously known as the Bands of Amir are one of Afghanistan’s top national treasure. An hour drive towards the west side of Bamyan city, you’ll come across six deep blue lakes, nestled deep into the canyons amidst the gigantic mountains. The different blue colours of the lakes and the desert surrounding contrast spectacularly to give the the national park an incredible view.

In this post I’ll be giving you a first hand tour of this one amazing place, and for the sake of keeping the name short and simple, I’m just going to call the six blue lakes, ‘the blakes’. These blakes all have their own unique names, folktales, sizes, depth and temperature. Through this trip, I have learnt a heaps load about my own birth-country that I was never aware of. So hop along and let’s discover the blakes together. Continue reading “The six blue lakes | Afghanistan’s national treasure”

A closer insight into Bamyan | A city full of history & mystery

It’s sort of bizare to visit Afghanistan and not head down to Bamyan. I mean seriously, we’re talking about Bamyan here. A city of unforgettable history and mystery of the many kingdoms that rose and fell within time.

Buddha view

The three Buddha’s of Bamyan

Bamyan comes from a literal phrase meaning, ‘the place of shining light’, so you can imagine why it was named such back in the days. What is now an ancient city of Afghanistan, once used to be part of the famous Silk Road, otherwise known as the Silk Route between the east and the west. A famous trade link where goods, gossips of empires and ideas were exchanged amongst different civilisations of the time. Continue reading “A closer insight into Bamyan | A city full of history & mystery”

Into the streets of Kabul

I believe I was about five years old when I left my hometown Jaghoori to go live with my uncle’s family in Kabul. Although I was very little back then, I still do have some vague memory of how Kabul used to look like back in the days.

Zahra half

Kabul City view from Shahrak Haji Nabi

Fifteen years have gone by and A LOT has changed. A once flat looking Kabul is now starting to look more like a proper city with tall buildings everywhere. The population has definitely increased rapidly, it’s difficult getting through the crowd whether you’re driving, walking or cycling your way around town. Many people have moved from their hometowns across the country to Kabul for a better life, work and education. You’d expect to see a good number of students living in shared houses across the city and in Lailiya’s (university dormitories). Don’t be surprised if you see a number of universities in one road, because there’s just too many to count. From private universities to government ones, institutions and schools are to be found in every neighbourhood. Which is a GREAT thing, because education is on the RISE. Continue reading “Into the streets of Kabul”