I write of my beloved country

Out there, miles away, across the border is a country

Could say it’s shaped somewhat like a guitar you see

A nation of vibrant culture, language and diversity

That is beautiful and unique in its own complexity

Kandahar, a city named after Alexander the great

Home to the Pashtuns of different tribes till date

Kabul, where different ethnicities live together in unity

From the Baloch, Tajik, Hazara to Pashtun community

Herat, to the west, known for its ancient monuments

Ruins of empires, that were once the city’s occupants

Balkh, famous not only for its blue mosque, shrine of Ali

But also home to Rabia and Rumi, legends of Persian poetry

Fifteen more cities and tribes yet to discover in this nation

Damaged places and people for sure, however full of fascination

Shall peace flourish upon my country one day, I plea

But for now, I write of my beloved country

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Where I got my inspiration from | The blogs you need to follow

So where did I or do I still get my inspiration from? Well, there are tons of bloggers out there that I absolutely LOVE, from fashion, travel to all sorts of other weird amazing bloggers. But, there are two blogs in specific that I read very often and I have to admit, I just love the content and writing style of these two bloggers.

The First one is none other than the amazing Amitabh Bachchan’s Bachchan Bol. Amitabh Bachchan is an Indian film actor, he is also referred to as the ‘Shahenshah’ (King) of Bollywood, and yes one of my favourite actor from my childhood. And I guess what makes his blog uniquely different from the others is that he reflects and writes about his life happenings on a daily basis.


Here’s an excerpt of his latest post that he wrote on Thursday the 9th of November 2017, titled as ‘Day 3516’

Time was when we exchanged written words penned in our own hands, on papers specially decorated with design and material that expressed affection and care … NOW … Its the instrument … taking, over all … The entire family shall sit together and there shall be smiles and comments and interactions galore … but no one is talking to each other … they talk to that oblong piece of technology that has become a part of what ever is needed for existence and expression … So that when the technology has nothing more to say … the silence takes over …

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