Cliché! But it’s okay not to be okay

Let me explain, but before I do that, HELLO!! Guess who’s back to do some more talking. First and foremost, my sincere apologies for being so inactive for all these months. Why am I apologising, geez I have no clue! Anyways, I’m glad that I’m back for good. Before I get into that big chunky thing you are about to read, I do want to thank everyone who sent through their ideas on topics they would like me to write about in the coming days, weeks, months (hopefully I won’t zone out again).

On a very irrelevant note though, I had honestly prepared blog posts for Nawroz and Eid, but somehow never ended up posting it. A lot of reasons why, I guess the biggest one would be the fact that I was very unsure. Unsure of what? I have no clue (messed up mindset back in the days). For the longest time ever, I know that I haven’t been myself for a long period of time. I’ve had times where I was going through some really tough moments. Especially in the first few months of the year. I don’t even know how to explain, it’s like that moment where you feel like everything is turning against you and you just can’t do much about it. Legit in all aspects of life. Whether that be family issues, friendship, relationship, situation-ships, studies, work or just anything in general. Continue reading “Cliché! But it’s okay not to be okay”

I write of my beloved country

Out there, miles away, across the border is a country

Could say it’s shaped somewhat like a guitar you see

A nation of vibrant culture, language and diversity

Beautiful and unique in its own complexity

Kandahar, a city named after Alexander the great

Home to the Pashtuns of different tribes till date Continue reading “I write of my beloved country”

Life in a second

Well hello there 👋 look where life has taken us! Actually thinking about it, life is pretty funny, isn’t it? One minute your world looks like it’s working, nek minute, it’s all crumbling down. Yesterday I was wondering what the heck I was doing with my life, today I feel like I’ve got my shit together, and honestly, I can’t even predict tomorrow. How will it be?

Surprise surprise!! life ALWAYS has a BIG damn question mark at the end of it, doesn’t it?  But then seriously, I know this sounds crazy, even more crazy that I’m saying or practically writing this as my first blog post. Why is life so mysterious? I don’t like surprises!! Just give me my damn life book already! Continue reading “Life in a second”